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Smart Tools for Smarter Business!


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At SMH we work with individuals and companies who require a professional on-line web presence. Websites that are optimised for your business to be easily found in search engines, including the technical support and training needed to get results. If you are struggling to get your head around what type of website you need and just want someone who can explain it without all the technical jargon then SMH Services can help you.

SMH Services’ websites enable our clients to get the best start to a successfull online business

SMH Services
  • Web Design - 95%
  • Digital Marketing - 75%
  • SEO - 85%
  • Dedication - 100%

Diverse Range Of Skills

Having the opportunity to work with several different clients and organisations, gives us the ability to utilise a diverse range of skills that we continue to learn and apply in clients projects. What SMH provide is fresh new ideas, clean websites and the ability to turn an idea or concept into a dynamic website that will engage with customers to understand what your business has to offer. So our question to you is…. If you knew of a company that could design you a professional website, showcasing your company's services or products, work with you to turn it into a lucrative and viable online business, most importantly without it costing tens of thousands of pounds, realistic yet affordable! Would you be interested? SMH Services work with clients in Nottingham and throughout the United Kingdom to help business avail the opportunities of business online and get a competitive edge.

At SMH Services we love to exceed expectations

Web Development


Web Design
Dynamic Design
Responsive Framework
WordPress CMS
Social Media Integration
Search Engine Friendly
Highly Affordable
And Many More

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing
Marketing Strategy
PPC Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Media & Banners Adverts
Detailed Analytics Reports
And Many More

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization
Keywords Research & Analysis
Search Engines Submissions
Web Content Optimization
Local SEO
Directories Submissions e.g. Yell etc.
Internal & External Link Building
Social Media Optimization
And Many More

Leaflet Distribution


Leaflet Distribution
100% Student Only Residences
100% Access to Major Residences
100% Local Resident Distributors
100% Solus - Your Leaflet Alone
100% value for Money
100% Outsourced - No Hassle for you
100% Peace of Mind
And Many More

£375 Offer!

WordPress Website + Basic SEO + Logo + Hosting for a year

Why Choose SMH Services

All of the web design projects that SMH undertakes are designed, coded and project managed all in-house. So if you have a written brief or a design in mind, we can get your website off to a flying start. Why choose SMH Services? We genuinely take an interest in each and everyone of our clients by getting to know them, to understand their services or products, then onto designing and developing a visually engaging website, that is optimised to be found easily in search engines, enticing new and existing customers to purchase from our clients over their competitors.

OFFER! WordPress Website + Basic SEO + Logo + Hosting for a year = £375

What You Receive

If you purchase a website from SMH Services, what you receive is a professional responsive website that can be viewed on any web application. Onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your business can be found in search engines like Google. When SMH designs and develops a website, our aim is to not just provide you with the professional website that you want, but a website that will grow with your business which can be developed further when you are ready.

We make your Business 'SMH' Efficient

SMH Services offers innovative web designing, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions that are tailored to each client and planned exactly for their target market. The product and service range offered combine in a full Online Brand management product managing Clients' Online Presence, Ranking and interaction with their customers. This allow us to be a Complete Online Solution provider offering the complete package i.e. web designing, development, Digital Marketing and SEO.

SMH Efficient???

At SMH Services, we thrive to offer solutions that make your business
  • ✓ Smarter
  • ✓ Mature and
  • ✓ Healthy
efficiency This involves a perfect balance of activities that will make your business
  • ✓ Sagacious
  • ✓ Meaningful and
  • ✓ Healthy

Costs Promise

We understand, in this competitive world, costs are vital so we pride our selves to offer the most competitive prices. We aim to provide the best services at the very best prices, in fact, we offer one of the cheapest packages in the market. This means costs are dramatically low while the productivity is at its highest.   .

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