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Leaflet Distribution Service

SMH Leaflet Distribution

SMH's brand new leaflet distribution service is the best local leaflet distribution service. We specialize in Student Accommodations only. We only use local resident students distributors which allows us 100% access to the halls. This means you can rest assured your leaflet will reach its target guaranteed.

Our Service is Simple

Custom Packages

We offer packages tailored to your requirements. You choose, we distribute.

All Halls Covered

We cover all student halls for both, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

Flexible Dates

All Solus slots are flexible. You choose the time and dates and we distribute.

Full Package

This is a full outsourced package. Hassle free leaflet distribution. You relax and we do the work.


WHY SMH for Leaflets Distribution?


SMh Leaflet DistributionStay Ahead of Competition with SMH leaflet Distribution

At SMH we offer unique feature you can't find anywhere else. We have dedicated solus slots available that offer client only distribution slots. However, if you're on a budget we also offer shared slots, where your leaflets will be distributed bundled with other companies. Please note Shared slots do not offer much value in terms of return on investment. Some Features that we offer;

What you get with SMH

  • 100% Student only Residences
  • 100% Local resident Distributors
  • 100% Solus Slots
  • 100% Value for Money
  • 100% Peace of Mind


Leaflet Packages

Key Features

  • Student Only Residences - 90%
  • Access to Major Residences - 100%
  • Local Resident Distributors - 80%
  • Solus - Your Leaflets Only - 100%
  • Value for Money - 100%
  • Many More - 100%


Shared Distribution
Price per 1000 Leaflets
Choice from All Major Residences
Various Shared Slots
Great Value for Money


Custom Plans - Solus
Custom Plans - Your Choice
UON - Parkway Campus - £210
UON - Jubilee Campus - £45
UON - Other 5 Halls - £275
NTU - City Campus - £190
NTU Clifton Campus - £90